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  Wika Pressure Gauges 

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   Commercial Pressure Gauges
Wika Models:
111.10 Utility Pressure Gauges
111.10SP Sprinkler Pressure Gauges
111.12 Utility Pressure Gauges
111.11RF Refrigeration Pressure Gauges
   Wika Industrial Pressure Gauges
Wika Models:
131.11 Harsh Environments Pressure Gauges
1X1.15 Specialty Compressed Gases Pressure Gauges
13X.53 Corrosive Media Environments Pressure Gauges
2X1.11 Boiler Pressure Gauges
212.20 Severe Industrial Service Pressure Gauges
213.40 Severe Vibration and Pulsation Pressure Gauges
21X.40PM Panel Mounted Existing Paper Machine Panel Gauges
21X.53 Harsh Environments Pressure Gauges
23X.53 Rugged Construction Pressure Gauges
21X.54 Heavy-Duty Service Pressure Gauges
23X.54 Chemical Seal Combinations Pressure Gauges
233.55 Panel Mount Pressure Gauges
23X.30 Blow-Out Back Safety Case Pressure Gauges
23X.50 Process, Chemical, & Petrochemical Equipment Gauges

   Wika Low Pressure Gauges
Wika Models:
6X1.10 Highly Accurate Low Pressure Gauge
611.13 Great OEM Low Pressure Gauges
611.16 Medium Fluid Low Pressure Gauges
612.11 Laboratory Measurement Suitable Low Pressure Gauge
612.20 Gaseous Media Low Pressure Gauges
614.11 Square and Rectangular Case for Panel Low Pressure Gauges
6X2.34 Corrosive Environment Process Low Pressure Gauges
63X.50 Corrosion Resistance of 316SS Low Pressure Gauges
632.51 High Overpressure Safety Low Pressure Gauges

   Wika Process Pressure Gauges
Wika Models:
21X.34 Copper Alloy Wetted Parts Process Pressure Gauges
22X.34 Alloy Steel / 316SS Bourdon Tube Process Pressure Gauges
26X.34 Monel Wetted Parts Process Pressure Gauges
232.34DD Direct Drive Process Pressure Gauges
212.25 Solid-Front Aluminum Process Pressure Gauges
232.25 ASME Grade 2A Accuracy Process Pressure Gauges
23X.34 Chemical and Petroleum Processing Pressure Gauges
26X.34 NACE Sour Gas Service Solid Monel Front Process Pressure Gauges
23X.34 NACE Sour Gas Service Solid SS Front Process Pressure Gauges

   Wika High Precision Gauges
Wika Models:
312.20 Test High Precision Gauges
332.30 Test High Precision Gauges
332.34 Corrosive Environments High Precision Gauges
332.54 Inspector's Test Gauge High Precision Gauges
342.11 Adjustable Dial to Re-Zero High Precision Gauges
   Wika Differential & Duplex Pressure
Wika Models:
700.04 Piston-Style Differential Pressure Gauges
700.05 Piston w/Separating Diaphragm Differential Pressure Gauge
7X1.12 Dual Bourdon Tube Differential Gauges
7X2.14 Diaphragm Differential Pressure Gauges
712.25DP Dual Bourdon Tube w/Special Subtracting Movement Differential Pressure Gauge
712.25DX Duplex Pressure Gauges
716.11 Low Pressure Differential Pressure Gauge
732.25 Membrane Sensing Element Differential Gauges
732.26 High Differential / Static Process Membrane Sensing Differential Pressure Gauges
732.51 Process Industry Design Differential Gauges
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